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  • How much costs a translation? +

    The cost of a translation depends on several criteria such as the volume, the technicality, the deadline, the linguistic combination, whether it is a simple or a sworn translation or a transcreation.
    This is why we establish a precise estimate based on the presentation of your documents. Estimate of translation is totally free and does not engage you at all towards us.

  • Do you translate the rare languages? +

    We have in our translators' database, some linguists who translate since a long period and towards the said rare languages. We call them like that because the demands of translation in these languages represent a low volume of commands. We handle these demands with the same care as all the others. Do not hesitate to submit us your project.

  • We need interpreters, will you find them near us? +

    We do always our best to find you interpreters close to you so to minimize the costs of travel and accommodation. However, for certain combinations, it might turn out to be more complicated.

  • What is the difference between a certified translation and a sworn translation? +

    In reality, from a strictly semantic point of view, we cannot swear a translation. The "sworn" term relates necessarily to one person. Thus technically, the translators under oath produce certified translations.

    In English, there is indeed and truly a distinction between one " certified translation " and one " sworn translation " ("sworn-in" translation) signed by a sworn authority. The Anglo-Saxon countries consider that a ‘‘certified’’ translation is simply a translation made by a professional of the translation in measure to bring the proof of it.

  • How to become a translator? +

    The translation is a job that you have to learn. You can become a translator after a program of 5 years after the obtaining of high school diploma. You can inquire to join our school which is in Dakar, within our premises. We, at Linguaspirit International School, prepare you for the main jobs of the languages and multicultural administration.

  • What are the deadlines for translations? +

    A translator translates generally between 2500 and 3000 words a day, which corresponds to about ten pages. For very big projects, thanks to our skills of management of teams and coordination, we can deliver several thousand words translated a day.

    For the certified translations, it is necessary to count approximately 24 hours by lots of 3 to 4 pages, because in these cases a single translator translates all the file. Very often, the document has a complex layout (especially acts, diplomas and academic transcripts) that we duplicate from the original.

    For urgent matters, contact our dedicated team (link towards Express Translation)

  • How to become an intern, an employee or a freelance at home? +

    Please consult the recruitment section (Click here)

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