CV and application file

Make a good impression with a CV translated by professionals. A CV must be not only translated but also adapted to the target audience. It is necessary to present it such as it is commonly presented in the country in which you postulate for a better comfort of reading of the recruiter. 

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Bank, finance and trading

The translation for the banking, financial and the trading sectors is certainly one of the sharpest specialties of a translator. Mastering the languages and the techniques of translation is not enough. It is a sector the subtleties of which is also very essential to understand.

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Food-processing industry

The food-processing industry is also one of our domains of specialization. We translate for canned food factories, farms, frozen food specialists, farmers and specialists of the fair trade.

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Sales and business

If it is a sector which cannot afford to not address the customers of the whole world, it is indeed the sale. In the classification of the e-commerce sites, those who lead are the ones that are translated into at least 6 languages. China had perfectly understand this stake and you will notice that the overwhelming majority of Chinese online sale‘s websites are translated into at least 6 languages.

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Art and culture

To translate texts in the field of the arts and culture is a priesthood. Our specialized translators like the arts and it thus shows itself in their translations. 

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The sector of the luxury is practically the only one that almost never knows the crisis. We know that its actors are extremely demanding because their image totally rest on the irreproachable quality of their goods and services. We count among our customers: some jewelers, a company of private jets, some palaces, big brands of clothes, brands of cosmetic and some big restaurants.

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Communication and marketing

In all the domains and business sectors, the communication is essential. Your international communications strategy is achieved through the translation of your web site, your brochures, your plaques, your commercials and any marketing documents.

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New technologies

You are in a high-tech sector where most of the terms are still to be invented? It constitutes a real challenge for the translators that we are. We rise to it every day for all our customers from the sector of the new technologies.

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The legal translation is a discipline in itself, so much the law language is specific in all the languages. A legal translator has to have a profound knowledge of the legal terminology as well as a good mastering of the legal system of the countries where are spoken his working languages.

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The translation of scientific documents is an extremely delicate exercise. The scientific translation includes the translation in the following domains (among others): medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, biological, biotechnological, and others.

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The branch of industry is extremely competitive. Supporting your products with a clear documentation written in the language of your customers will definitely set you apart.

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