The legal translation is a discipline in itself, so much the law language is specific in all the languages. A legal translator has to have a profound knowledge of the legal terminology as well as a good mastering of the legal system of the countries where are spoken his working languages.

Our legal translators distinguish themselves by their rigor, their knowledge of the law and their exceptional capacity to lead the necessary terminological searches in certain cases.

We also supply translations certified by translators under oath. You can even choose the oath-related country of our speaker. So if your document is intended for German authorities for example, we can make them certify by a translator under oath in Germany.

By way of example, we make translations of judgments of divorce, judgments of heredity, contracts of employment, agreements of partnership, contracts of franchise, contract of sale, contracts of marriage, agreements of rent, contracts of leasing, minutes of trial, to mention only these examples of translation.

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