Licence LEA option : Techniques de management multiculturel


The purpose is to train agents who are able to develop, manage and coordinate service or "project" teams.
The achievements of students are as follows:

lea tech manag

 - Proficiency in at least two languages
- Cultural knowledge facilitating the company's communication with partners, prospects and foreign clients
- Very good reaction capacity
- Good knowledge of commercial management and administrative and financial management
- An economic and geopolitical intelligence
- The accounting bases
- Knowledge of business law and commercial law
- The use of business management and database management software

Requirements: Baccalaureate or equivalent
Training duration: 3 years
Diploma awarded: Bachelor’s in Applied Foreign Languages, option: Multicultural Communication and Marketing
Job opportunities: Agent or multilingual administrative manager, Communications Officer, Marketing Assistant, International Account Manager, Sales Agent in services, advertising, distribution, communication (internal or external) etc.
Format of training:
Using multimedia
Tutorials in small groups
Individual work and projects
Continuous monitoring
Personal work