Technical translator

A technical translator is primarily a terminologist who has perfect mastery of his working languages, particularly the language into which he translates (his native language or one in which he did all his studies). He must be able to conduct thorough terminology research on any topic and in any area.

Conference interpreter

The confusion is easy but the work of the interpreter is very different from the translator. The interpretation relies on skills and very different qualities such as perfect speech, an analytical mind, the mastery of stress and of course a thorough knowledge of the working languages. 

Technical writer

What is technical writing? It is about the writing of technical documents which are specific to a business sector. It may be modes of employment, instructions for use, help columns, or any other form of documents related to a generally industrial or technical field.

Web editor at digital marketing service

The web editor produces content adapted to the Internet. The web writing rules are very specific and require specific knowledge.

Multilingual Administrative Officer

An administrative officer is a multifunctional person who has a strong understanding of business organization. He masters good professional practice. He knows how to write and format all types of documents needed for the smooth running of a company (letters, regulations, documentations, brochures etc.)

Multilingual Administrative Manager

The Administrative Manager directs general administrative services. He organizes and oversees the organization of the daily management of the company’s administration: