Why the teaching of Wolof?


Teaching Wolof is an option that is addressed primarily to Senegalese students but also to non-Senegalese students wishing to learn the language.
Because we believe that learning a familiar language and culture puts us into a better position than others, we have decided to introduce Wolof into our curriculum.

Our national languages are part of our cultural treasures and many people in our country who do not speak the official languages are also entitled to undertake professional translations.

The Government and many companies have understood this challenge and implement communications and marketing policies aimed specifically at people speaking only national languages.

In addition, many common linguistic errors stem from a literal translation of Wolof (or other national languages) into French. It will be easier to correct them by identifying their origins.

The courses in West African civilization will help to complement and strengthen the historical and sociological knowledge of students for a better understanding of their culture of origin.

In addition, students wishing to proceed to a Master’s in Journalism or Research after the obtaining a bachelor’s degree may implement this rare skill.