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Linguaspirit International School was founded by the translation agency Linguaspirit established in France in 2007 and in Senegal since 2015.

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The school's objective is to train:

- Technical Translators
- Technical Writers
- Web Editors and Digital Marketers
- Intercultural Communication Officers
- Interpreters (simultaneous and consecutive interpretations)
- Multilingual Civil Servants
- Multilingual Administrative Officers

The education provided at Linguaspirit is distinguished by its level of demand and the high expectations it sets, since we ourselves are a working company. Note that we give a special place to our national languages. In the first year, the Wolof language and civilization will be taught as an option alongside other languages.

The graduates of our school will impress future employers or clients by their thoroughness, impeccable presentation and writing and speaking skills.

They will have a level of professionalism that is far beyond the expectations of their hierarchy, since they have been, throughout their studies, trained within a company, at the core of the enterprise’s reality.

Linguaspirit is the first school established by a translation agency whose objective is to train independent workers among those who continue their courses until their Master’s Degree.
The training will always focus on the realities of the translation and editorial market and digital marketing since our agency is active in both markets, aware of the requirements and peculiarities of both.
Our students are therefore confronted daily with the realities of our profession.
The objective of the Master’s training, whatever the chosen course, is to teach future graduates to become their own boss rather than swell the ranks of the unemployed on leaving the school.
They will learn to:
- Conduct effective international market research to find their future clients.
- Sell their services at the right prices, to the right people and on the best platforms.
- Present and showcase their skills and expertise.
- Keep their own accounts.
- Manage their time and meet deadlines imposed on them.
- Observe good professional practice.
- Apply all the secrets and tricks of the profession that are known only by translators who have proven themselves.
Worth knowing: Depending on several criteria (area of specialization, speed, years of experience, etc.) a freelance translator earns between 500 000 FCFA and 2 million FCFA per month, or even more.
Most of the freelance translators and editors worldwide are subcontracted by translation agencies such as ours. There are nearly 8,000 translation agencies in the world. We teach our future graduates how to being noticed by them and how to quickly receive translations from them once they’re established as independent.

Linguaspirit is a school of excellence. That is why we have chosen to start the training from the Bachelor’s degree stage for students who exit after high school and offer a complete training course that prepares them to integrate themselves into the labour market once they obtain their degrees.

For those who already have a degree and a solid linguistic background and choose one of our specialized Master’s, we offer a year of Pre-Master’s courses which aim to enhance the knowledge of students in French, in their language work and general culture. Being a good translator and a good copywriter is about people, about being cultured and curious about the world around you.

Note that this year’s Pre-Master's diploma focuses on the following positions: bilingual or trilingual assistants, agents or administrators in multicultural environments (communications agencies, embassies, multinationals, SMEs, internationally oriented organizations etc...) and various company departments (marketing, purchasing, sales, commercial services).