A guaranteed job

 un emploi garanti

 Linguaspirit International School’s Master’s Degrees prepare you primarily to become your own boss, as a self-employed worker and player in an international expanding market. The translation market is worth nearly $40 billion and the digital marketing and the digital economy attain around $60 billion. The vast majority of players in these two markets are freelance workers.

Being freelance is something which cannot be improvised, it must be learned. Linguaspirit International School teaches and ensures the training of translators, web editors, technical writers, intercultural marketing specialists and interpreters, in order to offer their services in a highly demanding and competitive market.

They will learn how to put themselves forward, find new customers, convince them of their strengths, gain their loyalty and thus ensure some safe, stable and comfortable sources of income.

 Linguaspirit is primarily a translation agency, founded in France in 2007 and expanded in Senegal in 2015. We know the language and writing professions. We master all aspects because we are at the center of the exchanges in the linguistic market. We work, collaborate and dialogue on a daily basis with:

- Independent workers around the world, whose services we use
- Translation Agencies
- Specific customers or companies that seek our expertise.

We are on the frontline, we anticipate the changes in the market directly. We know the requirements of your future clients and we train you to perfection to respond to them.

As the western part of Africa is now so poorly represented among the world’s freelance translators and editors, we have chosen to establish ourselves in Senegal so as to fill this gap and we do hope to welcome within our walls students from across the continent and beyond.

With a cost of living lower than in the West, the graduates from LinguaSpirit International School will be able to offer very competitive rates while ensuring an excellent level of service, thus ensuring the early establishment of a very loyal clientele.

Future graduates of Linguaspirit International School, you will be your own boss, choose your clients, your schedule and your workplace. A world of freedom awaits you. Welcome to our home!