Master Traduction et Rédaction techniques

Objective: The Master’s in translation and technical writing prepares for the professions of translator and technical writer.

master trad redac

Students will learn to:
- Understand and translate technical texts from various fields that match the demands of the current translation market: mechanical engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical, IT, telecommunications, law, electronics, etc.)
- Master the IT tools of the language industry
- Make manuals for technical texts, help columns, maintenance manuals etc. for use by end users or professionals
- Acquire technical and scientific culture thanks to seminars held by professionals from all backgrounds and all countries
- Develop multicultural analytical skills through courses on modern civilizations
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree + 1 Year Pre-Master’s
Training duration: 2 years
Diplomas awarded: Master’s I and Master’s II in Technical Translation and Technical Writing
Job Opportunities:
- Technical freelance or company translator (NGOs, international institutes, industry or service multinationals, etc.)
- Freelance or company technical writer
- Agent in import-export services
- Project Manager in a Translation Agency
- Cultural Attaché
- Multicultural Management Consultant
- Intercultural mediation
Format of training:
Tutorials in small groups
Individual work and projects
Seminars led by professionals
3 months of internship each year
Writing of A Master’s II thesis
Continuous monitoring