Licence LEA option : Communication et marketing multiculturels

The Applied Foreign Languages Bachelor’s degree involves multidisciplinary training that shapes future specialized
cadres for three years. Contrary to popular belief, Bachelor’s degrees which are considered 'soft' such as Applied Foreign
Languages, are indeed as valuable professionally as other subjects (law, economics, marketing, management, culture, etc.),
all topics which are not ignored but deepened here over the semesters. Applied Foreign Languages graduates are
multifunctional and can immediately enter the world of employment and integrate into a company

lea com et mark

 They can also choose to specialize further by completing a Master’s degree.

The aim is to train agents who are able to fit into communication teams and marketing teams, whose core competencies are:
- Proficiency in at least two languages
- Cultural knowledge facilitating the company's communication with partners, prospects and foreign clients
- Very good writing skills
- Strong knowledge in marketing and communication which allow agents to participate in the development of communication campaigns or marketing studies
- Organization of commercial research

Requirements: Baccalaureate or equivalent
Training duration: 3 years
Diploma awarded: Bachelor’s in Applied Foreign Languages, option: Multicultural Communication and Marketing
Job opportunities: Agent or multilingual administrative manager, Communications Officer, Marketing Assistant, International Account Manager, Sales Agent in services, advertising, distribution, communication (internal or external) etc.
Format of training:
Using multimedia
Tutorials in small groups
Individual work and projects
Continuous monitoring
Personal work